panasonic(R) kx-tg2000 & kx-tg4000 cordless phone replacement battery Case of 2


$ 16.52 $ 39.90


Lenmar - Panasonic(R) KX-TG2000 & KX-TG4000 Cordless Phone Replacement Battery Fits Panasonic(R)KX-TG2000B, KX-TG4000, KX-TG4000B, KX-TGA200B, KX-TGA4000B, KX-TGA400B, KX-TGA420B Presidian(R) 43-259, 43-260, 43-262, 43-284 Uniden(R) EXP370, EXP371, EXP4540, EXP4541, EXP970, EXP971 Replaces General Electric(R) TL26602 GP Batteries 60AAS2BMX Uniden(R) BT-904, BT-1007, BT-1015 Panasonic(R) HHR-P506, HHR-P506/A 2.4V 1,500mAh NiMH 1-year warranty

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