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Proper cleaning and disinfecting used to mean reaching for three different products - one to clean, one to freshen and one to sanitize. Medline Micro-Kill does it all in one wipe - and it's Medline's first alcohol-free wipe effective against TB! Wipes are available in three different sizes to best meet your cleaning needs and are an economical choice for your facility.Tough yet gentle, Medline Micro-Kill wipes are intended for hard surfaces. Since they contain no alcohol, they are perfect for use on electrical cords! They're even safe to use around patients on oxygen. Best of all, their cleaning capabilities far exceed those of alcohol-based wipes.Medline's first alcohol-free, bleach-free wipe effective against TB!Aloetouch Premium Cleansing Cloths - 9" X 13" Scented, Tub

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